Love your local small businesses

Love your local small businesses
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Small Business Saturday

A healthy mix of local businesses is an essential ingredient of any thriving community – especially small enterprises run by people who know the area and understand the needs of residents.

The important role they play is recognised on Small Business Saturday, which falls on the first weekend of December each year.

Michelle Ovens CBE, Director of Small Business Saturday UK, has spoken about the Covid effect on small businesses. ‘Throughout the crisis we have been reminded of the special role that small firms play in local communities … As the UK recovers from the pandemic, small businesses still face considerable challenges to get back on their feet and it’s important we continue to support them.’

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Reasons to support small businesses

1. Build communities and strengthen local economies

Buying from small businesses supports the friends and neighbours who own or manage them. It also helps to ensure services remain available for the more vulnerable in society and those without transport.

2. Give character to towns and villages

It’s the small independent retailers, salons and cafés among the usual high street chains that determine the feel of a place.

3. Create job opportunities and encourage entrepreneurship

A successful small business will recruit staff from the local population as they grow and inspire others to pursue their own ideas for new enterprise.

4. Receive personalised service

Small business owners care about customer service, build lasting relationships and offer advice tailored to you. They value your custom because their survival depends on their good reputation.

5. Protect the environment

Small businesses tend to focus on serving their local population and are more likely to use local suppliers, keeping their carbon footprint relatively low and reducing travel for customers.

Top image: Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels