RG10/The Business/us/we/our refer to RG10 Marketing and/or RG10 Magazine, both business names used by Nicola Ochtman for the purpose of offering a range of marketing and advertising services in print and digital format.

The Customer/you/your refers to the person, company or other entity to whom goods and/or services are to be supplied.

Goods and/or services refer to any items supplied by us to any of our customers for which fees may or may not be charged, including without limitation: graphic design services, advertising in RG10 magazine or other publications issued by RG10, editing and proofreading services,  online advertising on the website www.rg10mag.com, digital advertising on the RG10 screen at Twyford Surgery or in e-newsletters issued by RG10, leaflet print and delivery services, and sponsorship of the RG10 Podcast.

Copy means any text, image, logo or artwork to be included in any advertisement or advertising feature booked by the customer with RG10.

Copy Deadline means the date by which all copy must be received by RG10 for inclusion on the platform or in the print publication booked by the customer. In the case of RG10 magazine, the Copy Deadline is typically the first day of the even month preceding the edition name (eg 1 February for Mar/Apr). In the case of RG10 digital screen at Twyford Surgery, the Copy Deadline is the middle of the previous month (eg 15 February if advertising for the month of March).

Proof means any draft or final version of advertising artwork or editorial feature prepared by us on the basis of Copy and instructions received from you.

Your responsibilities to us

  1. To provide us with your full business contact information, including name, email, address and telephone.
  2. To supply all Copy prior to the Copy Deadline.
  3. If supplying your own advertising artwork, to ensure this complies with the format specified by us in terms of size, resolution and file type. In the case of artwork destined for print, the minimum resolution is 300 DPI.
  4. You agree you have obtained any copyright permissions necessary for all components of your Copy.
  5. You agree you are responsible for the accuracy of all information included within your Copy and for checking carefully any Proof prepared by us.
  6. You agree not to use any Proof prepared by us anywhere else without our express written permission and to pay any release fee that may be required.
  7. You agree to settle our invoices within 14 days of issue or by the Copy Deadline, whichever is sooner. If the Copy Deadline has already passed, you agree to pay our invoice on receipt. Payment methods accepted are Direct Debit (facilitated by Go Cardless), bank transfer, credit card (facilitated by Stripe), and cheque. Payment details can be found on our invoices.
  8. You agree to meet any legal and accounting expenses we may incur in recovering payment from you for any overdue invoices. The minimum fee applied to overdue invoices is £20, 60 days after the original invoice date and following at least one reminder from RG10.
  9. You agree to provide us with 14 days’ notice prior to our Copy Deadline if you wish to change your advertising in any way, such as artwork size or number of editions booked, or if you need to cancel.
  10. In the event of any change you make to your advertising booking, you agree to settle any additional invoice that we may need to issue to reflect any upgrade in size or reduction in length of booking, or to reclaim any block booking discount applied previously.
  11. You will give us notice if you cease to operate or trade in order for us to cancel any ongoing bookings 30 days before the next Copy Deadline.

Our responsibilities to you

  1. We aim to help individuals and organisations raise awareness of their services in a professional, affordable and effective manner.
  2. We take data protection seriously and undertake to keep your details strictly confidential, never passing your information on to a third party unless legally required to do so. Please refer to our Privacy Policy.
  3. We may seek to clarify our understanding of your requirements by email or telephone before accepting and confirming your booking.
  4. We accept your advertising order in good faith on the understanding that any descriptions of goods and services are fair and accurate. Acceptance does not imply any endorsement or recommendation of your services by us.
  5. Our payment terms are within 14 days of our invoice date or before the next Copy Deadline, whichever is sooner, or on receipt of invoice if the Copy Deadline has already passed. We reserve the right to withdraw any advertising if not paid for prior to publication.
  6. If we fail to publish your Copy as agreed, provided you have complied with these Terms and Conditions, we will refund any monies already paid for that service but no consequential losses will be considered.
  7. RG10 magazine is delivered throughout the area by a team of trusted local residents. We provide our distributors with the necessary allocation for their round by the weekend preceding the start of a new edition, and whilst we cannot guarantee delivery completion times this generally ranges from one day to two weeks between individual delivery rounds.
  8. We may occasionally adjust our rates to reflect any changes in costs or services offered, but customers with ongoing advertising bookings will receive at least two months’ notice.

Exclusions of Liability

We cannot accept responsibility for the following:

  1. Inaccuracies contained in Copy supplied by you or Proofs approved by you for publication.
  2. Print quality of advertising where your Copy did not meet our specifications in terms of size, resolution and file type.
  3. Any loss, damage or consequential loss incurred by you through any error, inaccuracy or omission in your print or digital advertising with us.
  4. Any delay in publication or delivery of services where the cause is beyond our reasonable control, save where we have failed to fulfil our responsibilities.
  5. Any alleged poor response to your advertising, however this may be measured. The most successful marketing activities involve understanding your target audience, creating compelling copy that is relevant to them, and demonstrating the benefits of using your products or services in order to build trust in your brand over time. Whilst we are always happy to give advice we cannot guarantee the outcome of your advertising with us.
  6. We may decline to publish any Copy that either does not meet our specifications or that we deem to be defamatory, offensive, illegal, indecent or contrary to our values.
  7. Any grievance that may arise between any outside person or business and any of our Customers, whose products and services we are not in a position to endorse or recommend.
  8. We may decline to advertise ­or continue to advertise any Customer about whom we have received complaints, in which case we also decline to share the identity of sources and details of complaints unless legally required to do so.