6 reasons to advertise in local magazines

6 reasons to advertise in local magazines
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Print advertising works

This is borne out by the high proportion of repeat advertisers we see booking space in RG10 magazine.

Print advertising consistently achieves a higher level of engagement than social or digital. The numbers reached may be smaller, but the quality of leads is better.

We are more likely to filter out a degree of the digital content we consume. A print publication has only so many pages, with limited content on each page, so adverts have a better chance of being noticed and remembered.

Organisations such as Royal Mail and the Data & Marketing Association agree. Print is not dead!

Reach your target customers

If your business covers a particular geographical area, then local magazines offer the ideal way to speak directly to your potential customers.

Readers of local magazines are likely to be involved in their local community and interested in supporting local businesses.

Growing your local customer base and strengthening community links make good business sense!

Speak to a receptive audience

What better way is there to reach potential new customers than when they are relaxing in their own home, perhaps with a drink, flicking through their local magazine?

There is no competition or distraction: readers do so by choice and that’s a great opportunity for advertisers. 

Ride the ‘support local’ wave

People love to ‘shop local’ and support businesses they know, like and trust. This trend has grown dramatically through the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

Featuring in local magazines enables your business to be seen providing great service in those communities.

Win trust by association

Many local magazines have been established for a number of years and have earned a good reputation within the communities they serve.

Readers trust their local magazine as a source of useful information, so they are more likely to trust the advertisers featured. Whilst some may hesitate over engaging online, there’s no risk in making a call or sending an email.

More opportunities to be seen

Local magazines have more staying power than online advertising, which is ‘in the moment’. A magazine might stay on a coffee table, in an office or café for weeks, or until the next edition is published. It might be flicked through on different occasions and shared with family and friends – all of which gives greater visibility to your advert.

Any marketing activity benefits from multiple opportunities to be seen, increasing the interest of potential customers until they are ready to buy from you.

Local magazines also offer the opportunity to book a campaign over several issues, enabling you to build brand recognition and demonstrate your expertise over time.