Business tips for the coronavirus period

Business tips for the coronavirus period
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With everything that’s been going on this week it’s been good to see some positive messages out there for those of us wondering if our businesses are going to come out of the other side.

Just last week there was a business-friendly Budget, since when the Chancellor has issued statements outlining further measures to mitigate the adverse effects of coronavirus on the business community. For more information:

While we are avoiding face-to-face meetings it is important to consider how best to support our customers and other valued contacts, use time wisely to work on our business, focus on our marketing activities, and seek out new opportunities. For some good pointers, read this article by Chris Lunn of Digity, a local digital marketing agency:

A couple of courses caught my eye in recent weeks which I thought I’d share with you. They are both online, so this is the ideal time to invest in expanding your skills to benefit your business.

The first is a marketing strategy course in 12 modules called Market Smarter. This is a collaboration between marketing consultant Tanya Gaffon of Distinktiv and business strategist Helen Steel of Streamlion. The course was designed for start-ups but is equally valid for more established business owners that have no marketing plan, don’t know where to start, or have lots of ideas but no goals and objectives. See more information here.

The second is a 10-week social media course with the Social Butterflies Club, who are all about social media coaching that impacts business growth by helping you to stay relevant in an increasingly digital age. Click on the name to find out more.

Businesses are facing immense challenges right now and it might seem counter-intuitive to be thinking about marketing and advertising in a period when so much is up in the air. Yet historical precedents show that businesses who continue these activities in times of crisis – adapting their messaging for the circumstances – can actually increase revenues and market share. Here’s an article by the Talented Ladies Club giving plenty of examples.

On a basic human level, the most important thing to consider through this challenging time is to look after yourself. This includes your emotional wellbeing, which is bound to be sorely tested. The benefits of a regular mindfulness practice have been well documented, and one of the most popular mindfulness apps, Headspace, has just introduced a free section called Weathering the storm, available to everyone. It includes meditation, sleep, and movement exercises designed to help you create space and kindness for yourself and those around you.