The Horse & Groom has been serving the needs of locals and passers-by alike for some 300 years.

Currently owned by Brunning & Price, it has been sympathetically restored including the display of many old photographs kindly furnished by the Harrison family, landlords of the pub from the 1920s to 1970.

The ‘Hare Hatch’ was one of the old gates into Windsor Forest.

The rural farming community that grew alongside it had a huge boost once the great road was built from London to Bath: the area became a popular stopping place for travellers including nobility and their retinues.

The Horse & Groom was established in the 1700s to meet the growing need for sustenance and rest after dark. This is when highwaymen presented a real danger along the route especially through Maidenhead Thicket.

Nowadays the Horse & Groom is famed for its welcoming interior, attractive garden and daily menu, which is uploaded to the website every morning.

Opening Hours


11.30am - 11pm


11.30am - 11pm


11.30am - 11pm


11.30am - 11pm


11.30am - 11pm


11.30am - 11pm


11.30am - 10.30pm

Food served 12pm-10pm (9.30pm Sundays)