The Church of St Mary the Virgin is located in the heart of Wargrave. Beautifully situated beside Mill Green, it is the oldest and biggest of the three churches and accommodates the parish office.

The Hannen Room hosts meetings for up to 40 people and Wargrave is the focus for the church programme of activities for children and young people. There are three church schools in Wargrave.

The Victorian Church of St Peter in Knowl Hill was reunited with Wargrave in the early 21st century after a period of being linked with Littlewick Green. It provides an active focus for social activities in the local community and has a church school next door.

St Paul’s Mission Church in the hamlet of Warren Row is the smallest of the three, being a ‘tin tabernacle’ bought in kit form in 1894. It serves a tiny community nestling between the woods of Bowsey Hill and Ashley Hill. For many years services were taken by a Church Army Captain.

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Our Address:

Mill Green, Station Road, Wargrave RG10 8EU