Dolphin School is an exciting and enterprising place in which to learn, to grow and to be.

At the very heart of their educational philosophy is their belief that children learn best when they are happy, secure and inspired.

Individuality is celebrated, relationships between teacher and child are cherished, curiosity about the world abounds and children are encouraged to develop their ability to discuss, to question and to explore.

Dolphin staff pride themselves on the creative nature of their teaching styles, and children flourish in small classes with an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm.

Their Freedom to Learn ideal translates into creating a learning environment where children love coming into school, are inspired by subject specialist teaching from an early age and have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own way.

Pupils maintain significant freedom from the pressures of testing, whilst benefiting from a curriculum underpinned by the highest academic standards and rigour.

Children are free to wear their own clothes which goes to the very heart of ensuring they will feel comfortable and confident when they come into school.

The children are on first name terms with many of the staff and this again reiterates their commitment to a warm and nurturing environment, built on mutual respect.