The Twinning Cup – Twyford Comets v AS Cuincy

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09-07-2023 09:30 - 11:30

The Twinning Cup - Twyford Comets v AS Cuincy


On Sunday 9 July head to King George Recreation Ground to support the Twyford Comets U12's vs AS Cuincy. Who will win the Twinning Cup?
The Waltham Silver Band will play national anthems as the players walk out onto the pitch from 9.30am, with kick-off scheduled for 10am.
With the Cuincy visitors enjoying a full programme over a three day visit, including taking part in the Twyford Comets Fun Day on Saturday 8 July, tthere will be lots going on over the weekend, giving the opportunity for people in and around Twyford to come an support the teams, socialise and take in the experience for future years to come!