Night Must Fall – Woodley Theatre

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26-09-2023 19:45 - 21:15
Repeat every day until 30-09-2023

Night Must Fall - Woodley Theatre


This is the landmark psychological thriller that set the standard for all that followed. Premiering in 1935, it is just as contemporary and vital now, with references to the gutter press and the psychopathic personality.

In the milieu of its day, it races on like an early Hitchcock adaptation of an Agatha Christie.

Set, not surprisingly, in a remote country house ruled by an embittered, overtly narcissistic woman who keeps her household in thrall including her ostensibly shy and retiring niece, a feisty housekeeper and a young maid in trouble.

Added to this a dull but likeable buffoon and hopeful suitor to said niece, and of course the ubiquitous detective, a highly shrewd and patient man.

News of a missing woman from a local hotel and the advent of a brash, captivating young man throws everything into the melting pot and the play hurtles to a gripping climax.

Woodley Theatre present Night Must Fall by Emlyn Williams at the Oakwood Centre from 26 to 30 September 2023